Weddings in exotic locales

Years ago a woman I worked with in Nashville went to Disney World to get married. She and her husband had few friends and did not want to spend a lot on a reception with any of the family or other people they knew so they included their wedding and honeymoon in one location. She assured me it was not a Mickey Mouse wedding but that option  is available.

The weekend Graham and I got married in Colorado the friend he had asked to be his best man demurred, saying he was going to Hawaii. We later found out he and his wife got married there at the same time we were wed, but they chose to do it alone. We would have loved to have done a double ceremony but they wanted the exotic setting.

While on our trip to Scotland a few years ago we visited Graham’s clan castle on the Isle of Mull. As we entered one room, the docent asked us to sign the guest register and I mentioned that Graham was a member of the clan. “Oohhh, she breathed in, “We have a special book for that.” And she reverently removed a leather bound register from the drawer in the sideboard. Graham was amused that three lines above, another man from West Virginia had signed it and stated his surprise aloud.  Just then, a guy with a suit bag over his shoulder sauntered through saying, “Yeah, that’s me and I’m getting married here in a half hour.”

And my tongue failed me. I still can’t believe it. By the time he was through the door I was ready…”wait, we will be family from home…just for the ceremony, don’t worry about the reception…..” but I was mute. And later we heard bagpipes. It would have been a sight to see.

Flash forward one week and we were in Dubrovnik, visiting my friend Carol. I needed a haircut and she had lined up a visit to her salon, a great place with an amazing view and the  stylist was pretty nice to look at also. 

While we were there, a group of four women entered from Great Britain. They were there to be spiffed up for the wedding that evening! I went over to talk to them and sure enough, the bride said it cost less to fly everyone there and have the wedding in the romantic location of the ancient walled city than to have it at home in Liverpool. Later, as we walked to dinner, we saw the groom’s party in their kilts. As we enjoyed our dinner overlooking the old harbor, the bride and groom showed up with their photographer and videographer for their photo shoot.

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5 Responses to Weddings in exotic locales

  1. Dubrovniklady says:

    It is true that a wedding may cost less in Croatia than other parts of the world. There is one location, however, which can be reserved for the very rich and famous – Fort Lovrijenac.

  2. I can imagine climbing up those long steps in 3 inch heels but the view at the top would be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Gunta says:

    We’ve seen a few weddings out here on the beach. Not my idea of a great setting. Yeah, the location is gorgeous, but…. trudging through sand in high heels and long dresses… naah! The first one I saw happened to pick a day that was extremely windy. (I have a couple of shots of it… it was very public.) My preference was the nearest JP, would have skipped hubby’s relatives if I’d been given a choice. 😉

  4. Yeah…I think of some of these settings that are so lovely and wonder about the logistics of comfort…but then again, I have never been the type to wear something because it is fashionable. Nor the type to whine to my new hubby that he will have to carry me because it is just too hard to walk. LOL.

  5. Dubrovniklady says:

    Since the fortress is totally empty, all food, tables, chairs and any other item needed is brought up those steps by hand. The next day, it all goes down again. Part of the reason for the high cost to rent it.

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