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Time to Plan your Fall Foliage Trip

Despite the drought conditions in the Midwest, the New England rain this summer was adequate and the projections for the fall foliage is that it will be a spectacular show. Yankee Magazine keeps an updated Foliage Map on the Internet … Continue reading

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Photo of the Day: Identify the State Capitols

A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I.  Hint: all have been visited by me in the past year and shown on this blog. Okay….here are the states…see if you can match them up and list the names of … Continue reading

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A Capitol Time

When my family traveled around the United States each summer, my parents often sought out things to do that were free to keep costs low. One of my father’s favorite activities was to have us take a tour of each … Continue reading

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A Literary Masterpiece – Mark Twain House

Okay, I admit it. I am guilty of something many of us do. We fail to appreciate what is in our own backyard and fail to visit the places that tourists visit. I am not talking about tourist traps. I … Continue reading

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College Road Trip-The Actual Event-University of Connecticut

In an earlier chapter of my life I lived in Connecticut and Sam was born in Hartford. We moved to Tennessee when he was 2 months old so of course he remembers nothing, but he tells people he doesn’t have … Continue reading

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Dragon Boat Racing

Dragon Boat Racing, enjoyed in China for over 2000 years, has spread in popularity throughout the United States.  Each boat is 45 feet long, from head to tail. 20 paddlers sit side by side in 10 rows. In the stern, … Continue reading

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Planning a college road trip — Take THREE

Here we are about one month before the trip and I do believe the guys have finally settled on the schools they want to visit.  Perhaps there will be no more changes. I can only hope. I got my son Sam thinking … Continue reading

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Planning a college road trip — Take TWO

Back on January 4 I posted how planning my son’s spring break visit some colleges is a prime example of a custom planned trip.  Well, as things usually happen, we’ve had some changes. Two of Sam’s friends now also want … Continue reading

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Travels with the Girl Scouts

Everyone in my family was a Girl Scout. I guess you could say my dad was also, long before the days of equal opportunity, because he was the chairman of the camp committee, which meant we were always at the overnight camps … Continue reading

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