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Get a passport

There are so many opportunities for travel today that it would be a shame if you could not grab some deal just because you did not have a passport. Since even travel to Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean, places where … Continue reading

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Small Town America Arises and Eats Well

For people like me who grow up in major metropolitan areas, living in a small town (Huntington has a population just under 50,000) is an adjustment. When I first moved here five years ago I easily noticed what was missing. But … Continue reading

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How To: Select a Private Guide

I’ve spoke often about how I place a high value on hiring a personal guide when you want a better insider experience in any place you visit. I’ve never explained how I chose a guide, though, so I thought I … Continue reading

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Unusual Lodging

Some people prefer to book stays in chain hotels so they know they can expect a consistent accommodation no matter where in the world they travel. So, they gravitate to  Marriott or Ramada or Hilton. Others seek something different. They are people … Continue reading

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The Free Vacation that Isn’t

Maybe this will sound  familiar……. Years ago we got sucked into buying a time share. It seemed like a great idea at the time. While the home resort was close enough to where we lived to make it an easy … Continue reading

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What’s your magnet?

Having recently visited New York City I was reminded once again of the vibrancy and high level of energy that is part of a major city. The flip side, of course, is a greater level of stress dealing with crowds … Continue reading

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New York Subway

I grew to be comfortable with the subway system in New York City pretty young and to this day have never taken the bus. The bus system is also mapped nicely and SHOULD be easy for me to use. It … Continue reading

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Summer Vacation Time!!!

I grew up in New Jersey and lived in Connecticut for quite a while as well when my older kids were in elementary school. Also spent time in Tennessee and now in West Virginia with kids in schools.  It seems … Continue reading

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The Challenge to the Frugal Traveler

So much as been written since the $5 A Day series back in the early 1960s on how to travel within a small budget that it seems that there is a competition to see who can pay the least. Personally, I … Continue reading

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Tipping in Paris

I have mentioned several times that I enjoyed meeting Richard Nahem in Paris on my last trip there. Richard is a New Yorker who moved to Paris years ago when he went to visit and fell in love with the … Continue reading

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