Paying for the Custom Trip Planning Service

In reality, anyone can custom plan a trip. This is not rocket science or brain surgery that takes years of education. On the other hand, I have been travelling since I was 3 years old and planning trips for over 35 years, so perhaps there is a knack to it. Some people don’t have the time or the inclination to explore to identify an event or a location that will make a trip so very special.

Once you send me a questionnaire, I will call you to more fully discuss your wants and dreams. Then I will quote you my fee, which will be 10% of your trip budget. I will direct you to come to this page so you can process payment by PayPal. I use PayPal so you maintain a level of privacy and security with your credit card.

So, my time and experience is what you are paying for. I will start to work as soon as I receive payment and you will have the plan a few days later. You can contact me any time and I may also call or email you needing clarification about something.

So now is the time to process the payment. Click on the PayPal link below, enter the amount of your fee and also $15 if you want a written plan sent by mail instead of an emailed plan.  It says Donate but it is the PayPal pay button….a quirk of this website permits only the Donate link to be installed.


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