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Get a passport

There are so many opportunities for travel today that it would be a shame if you could not grab some deal just because you did not have a passport. Since even travel to Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean, places where … Continue reading

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How To: Select a Private Guide

I’ve spoke often about how I place a high value on hiring a personal guide when you want a better insider experience in any place you visit. I’ve never explained how I chose a guide, though, so I thought I … Continue reading

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Fear Factor

My eldest kid always had trouble making decisions. I read the parenting books and when he was two years old, I offered him a choice between two pairs of shoes. When he was three, we upped the ante to a struggle over … Continue reading

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Child Centered Trip….NOT!

We started travelling when I was 3 years old and I know there probably were plenty of times I sat there, stuck in the middle of the backseat of the 1955 Chevy station wagon, that my inner voice screamed, “ARE … Continue reading

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Alternative Vacation Housing

During our recent 2 night stay in New York City we rented an apartment on the West Side just off Central Park West. I wanted a neighborhood that would be close enough to where Graham had his meeting, easy access … Continue reading

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Summer Vacation Time!!!

I grew up in New Jersey and lived in Connecticut for quite a while as well when my older kids were in elementary school. Also spent time in Tennessee and now in West Virginia with kids in schools.  It seems … Continue reading

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What’s the Diff: Tourist vs Traveler????????????

Dictionary definitions are almost the same but in reality there is a huge difference between a tourist and a traveler: their mindset; their goal and purpose for the trip. A tourist is someone who is interested in seeing a place. … Continue reading

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Short Break: Charlottesville, Virginia

Located on the western slope of the Blue Ridge overlooking the Shenandoah Valley in northern Virginia, Charlottesville provides an excellent destination for a short break or weekend trip.  An area of farms and forests, the town has a long history … Continue reading

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Same Old Same Old Could Use a ChangeUp

What do you do for vacation?  Let’s imagine you have always gone to your family’s house each year but your spouse finally indicated some new scenery is in order.  What next? Sometimes it’s as early as THAT when people get stuck. They … Continue reading

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HOW TO: Get going on your summer vacation planning

Time to get moving.  Springtime is the last best time to plan for your summer vacation. Of course you can plan something later, closer to the time you want to go. But you may have to take your second or third or … Continue reading

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