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Exploring off the Beaten Track

Where do most visitors to a major city go?  Guidebooks, websites and travel agents are quick to suggest lists of “must see” places.  I am not pooh poohing those lists or those places.  But I want to suggest that not every … Continue reading

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The Challenge to the Frugal Traveler

So much as been written since the $5 A Day series back in the early 1960s on how to travel within a small budget that it seems that there is a competition to see who can pay the least. Personally, I … Continue reading

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Tipping in Paris

I have mentioned several times that I enjoyed meeting Richard Nahem in Paris on my last trip there. Richard is a New Yorker who moved to Paris years ago when he went to visit and fell in love with the … Continue reading

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Photo of the Day-Cassis Harbor

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Photos from my past-Guess the City

This and this…just a few blocks apart Any idea yet? Need another clue? I’ll give you two! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Still no idea? Okay, this next photo should help a LOT! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BY now you should be ready….but I will give you … Continue reading

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Animal Festivals to Enjoy

It seems kind of bizarre at first, to consider that there are festivals celebrating an animal at many places around the world.  Domesticated animals have been a large part of our human survival, and wild animals are either feared or … Continue reading

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Photo of the Day-Provence Roof Tiles

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Photo of the Day

I remember the first time I saw boats being sailed by kids in the Tuileries was in the movie Charades with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn…..I was pretty young then. But sure enough, there they were! This is from one … Continue reading

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Winter Markets in Paris

There are open air markets throughout Paris making it convenient for the city dwellers to walk to one nearby. They can shop as well in indoor markets and grocery stores. We were fortunate to visit 3 outdoor markets while we were there … Continue reading

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How To: Travel Deals

About 18 months ago my sister Susan, my daughter Lisa and I went to Paris for a short trip. Susan had noticed a deal for a 4 night trip, including airfare and hotel, for $399 being offered. She called me, … Continue reading

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