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Photo of the Day: Sunset at Wine and All That Jazz


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Photo of the Day-College Road Trip Day 1

In 3rd grade Sam auditioned for the Nashville Boy Choir, part of the Vanderbilt Children’s Chorus, and performed until we moved away from there to join Graham 5 years ago.  It was a marvelous experience under the direction of Hazel … Continue reading

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Lyrics and Laughter

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, is well known in celtic music circles. It was unfortunate that we were unable to drive around the cape on our trip to Noval Scotia a few years ago. Our trip’s northern apex was Louisbourg. I … Continue reading

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Planning a college road trip — Take THREE

Here we are about one month before the trip and I do believe the guys have finally settled on the schools they want to visit.  Perhaps there will be no more changes. I can only hope. I got my son Sam thinking … Continue reading

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Spot Light on Music Festivals

There are as many festivals as there are kinds of music…no, make that many more festivals!! If your passion is classical..it’s scheduled. If it is rock, take your pick. Zydeco, yeah, that too. You name it….there is a festival somewhere.  … Continue reading

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Local Music

It’s funny but true….we travel far and are thrilled to enjoy a concert of a local band, but rarely share news about our own town.  Local musical talent is everywhere. When I lived in Nashville, the talent was amazing with the “wannabes” … Continue reading

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Travel Pearls: Nova Scotia Kitchen Party

In The Merry Wives of Windsor Shakespeare wrote the line which we now commonly say, “the world is my oyster”. While an oyster looks hard to open, it isn’t all that hard when you know the trick…and sometimes there is a pearl … Continue reading

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