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There’s more to Florida besides Disney World!

The Magic Kingdom acts like a huge magnet to anyone with children, especially for families planning a trip during the winter school vacation time. Marketing for all the major Orlando attractions is very strong, particularly in the Northeast, and few … Continue reading

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Good Eats

A while ago I posted some fine restaurants we had experienced in our travels across the country where you could also enjoy a wonderful meal. My teenager started to spout all the fun places that we had also enjoyed that also should … Continue reading

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La de dah-High Tea at Grays Court

After reading so many British novels where the characters enjoy tea, it was with great anticipation that we headed to Grays Court in York when our b&b host suggested a light meal.  We approached the mansion from the rear, having climbed to … Continue reading

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Once upon a time things happened that were magical to carry us through a difficult time. When I mentioned I needed to find a place somewhere in Europe to meet my daughter, who was in Denmark on a study abroad … Continue reading

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New York Times offers 45 places to visit in 2012

The New York Times offered an intriguing list of the places to visit in 2012.  Go to the link to read their teasers, as just presenting the list is quite long here for the blog. It is always interesting to … Continue reading

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High Value: Unique Lodging

In an earlier blog I wrote about treehouse hotels, which can be found throughout the world in all price ranges. There are so many  other unique lodgings which can be a wonderful destination for someone who wants to go somewhere … Continue reading

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Travel Pearls: Nova Scotia Kitchen Party

In The Merry Wives of Windsor Shakespeare wrote the line which we now commonly say, “the world is my oyster”. While an oyster looks hard to open, it isn’t all that hard when you know the trick…and sometimes there is a pearl … Continue reading

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