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Photo of the Day


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Sewing Circles

My worlds are overlapping again. You ever feel like the things you do, the groups where you are involved, are separate, and then something merge? A friend, cleaning up the pile of things left from when her mom passed away, … Continue reading

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Photo of the Day-a study in comparative culture values

A billboard in New York City Which side are you on?

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Photo of the Day-shop in New York City

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Family Vacation-Times Square

onWhen I was young, one of the gauntlets we needed to run when we took the bus to New York City was all the XXX shops in the few blocks between the Port Authority (the bus terminal) and Times Square. … Continue reading

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What’s the Diff: Tourist vs Traveler????????????

Dictionary definitions are almost the same but in reality there is a huge difference between a tourist and a traveler: their mindset; their goal and purpose for the trip. A tourist is someone who is interested in seeing a place. … Continue reading

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Small Town Pride

Something is happening that is puzzling me but I am glad for it. This small city of less than 50,000, which saw its heyday back in the 1950s and early 1960s, is waking up.  It looked like it was stuck … Continue reading

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Stone Ground Meal

My parents started traveling with my sisters and me when I was three years old and as hard as it is to believe, there are a few things I remember from that first trip along the Skyline Drive and Blue … Continue reading

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What do you eat each week? from WVFarm2u

A few years ago I received an email photo essay that I wish I had saved. I search the web and found something similar. Time Magazine’s What the World Eats compares weekly grocery purchases–the items and the cost—for families in a number … Continue reading

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Photo of the Day – Jungle Jim’s Cincinnati

This SUPERmarket is a destination. If you like amusement parks, you will enjoy the animated figures like this Elvis Bear. If you like huge selections and great prices, this is the place. If you are looking for something from a … Continue reading

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