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Community of Bloggers

It’s happened again. I received another award for my blog. This one, awarded by Travelography, is called the 7×7 Link Award and lists 7 ways I have written posts that meet certain criteria and reaches out to 7 other bloggers … Continue reading

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New Jersey’s Good Side

My last post telling about our train commute to New York City from New Brunswick showed much of what is ugly about New Jersey. Many people only have the impression that they receive from the New Jersey Turnpike of the … Continue reading

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New York City’s High Line

Railroads started building tracks and spreading across the  eastern states in the mid 1830s and by the 1850s there was a massive train yard in Manhattan just east of the Hudson River between 30th and 43rd Streets. The island was … Continue reading

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This past weekend, just back from my college road trip, I was Touched. People would perhaps venture to say there was plenty of evidence of my being touched because I was willing to take three 17-year-old boys on a 2,100 … Continue reading

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New York Times offers 45 places to visit in 2012

The New York Times offered an intriguing list of the places to visit in 2012.  Go to the link to read their teasers, as just presenting the list is quite long here for the blog. It is always interesting to … Continue reading

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Travels with the Girl Scouts

Everyone in my family was a Girl Scout. I guess you could say my dad was also, long before the days of equal opportunity, because he was the chairman of the camp committee, which meant we were always at the overnight camps … Continue reading

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Return to Mount Desert Island

In our family, the year you turn the age of the day of the month you were born is your Golden Birthday and as part of that, the birthday person gets to select the location of the next family vacation. A … Continue reading

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Guest Photographer–Laura in Oregon

To my great pleasure my sister Laura showed up in Oregon the last night we were there on our initial “where do we want to live when we retire in a few years” search in March early this year. She … Continue reading

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Exploring New Zealand

My daughter Lisa and her boyfriend Nick left for 5 months in New Zealand in December 2009. They planned to work and then explore, trekking on the many wonderful trails on both islands.    And in between all that, picking … Continue reading

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How To: Go Hiking

Today’s blog is brought to you by Lonnie Smith, our hiking and backwoods expert.   In these days of pinching pennies and looking for bargains, a great way to take an inexpensive vacation or weekend getaway is to TAKE A … Continue reading

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