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Revisiting a Childhood Joy

My dad grew up in Brooklyn and we lived only 35 miles away from Manhattan, so we often made trips in for him to share some of New York City’s treasures with us.  One of my favorites was the American … Continue reading

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The Challenge to the Frugal Traveler

So much as been written since the $5 A Day series back in the early 1960s on how to travel within a small budget that it seems that there is a competition to see who can pay the least. Personally, I … Continue reading

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A Literary Masterpiece – Mark Twain House

Okay, I admit it. I am guilty of something many of us do. We fail to appreciate what is in our own backyard and fail to visit the places that tourists visit. I am not talking about tourist traps. I … Continue reading

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Colonial Forts

On several trips when I was young my father took us to Fort Ticonderoga, located on Lake George, New York.  The Fort has an interesting role in American history, first built by the French but then burned so the British couldn’t … Continue reading

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The News–as they tell us about it

When Ted Turner came up with the concept of a 24-hour news station we all were incredulous…how can anyone be that needful. But he ignored the naysayers and CNN-Cable News Network-was born and it is now the most watched news … Continue reading

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The Hand Inside

There are many reasons why I am glad my kids were born, and one of them is that I got to know the work of Jim Henson.  I am not ashamed to say how much I enjoyed Sesame Street. The … Continue reading

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How To: Travel Deals

About 18 months ago my sister Susan, my daughter Lisa and I went to Paris for a short trip. Susan had noticed a deal for a 4 night trip, including airfare and hotel, for $399 being offered. She called me, … Continue reading

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Handicrafts always seemed to me to be produced either by people who lived so deeply in the woods that they had nothing else to do or they were old and couldn’t get out to do things. I was a lot … Continue reading

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Back in Time…the largest city in North America

Imagine, just for a moment, that modern development as we know it is gone. No roads and cars. No railroads and trains. No airports and airplanes.  The major travel paths are rivers and anyone on the Mississippi River in the … Continue reading

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Oregon Coast Aquarium

There are so many world class aquariums that can offer a wonderful fun environment for learning. One of the best places I learned about penguins was in Boston at the New England  Aquarium which is home to more than 80 African, … Continue reading

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