Photo of the Day: Kansas Cattle Feedlot

On one of our cross country camping trips, my dad told us stories of trail rides that matched the western tv shows in vogue then and then showed us how beef cattle are kept in feedlots prior to processing. I believe this photo is from about 1965 somewhere in Kansas.

The process is still the same. After spending a year to 18 months grazing on grass, most beef cattle in this country are shipped to feedlots like this and then fattened up with grain and  corn.  Because of crowded and dirty conditions, most are given antibiotics. To help them add weight, most are fed steroids and hormones.  Then they are processed and we buy that meat and eat it.

To avoid that, you can purchase beef that has been completely grass-fed and is ASH-free (no antibiotics, steroids and hormones) by looking for a local cattle rancher or your local meat processor and purchasing a half or quarter cow. Or, if you are lucky enough, you can purchase cuts of meat raised that way in a small local food market like the Wild Ramp in Huntington, WV. 

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4 Responses to Photo of the Day: Kansas Cattle Feedlot

  1. Pit says:

    Looks quite a bit like some places in the Texas Panhandle. I’m reminded of Hereford, “the city that smells like the name sounds”, as I used to call it. 😉
    Best regards from southern TX,

  2. Gunta says:

    When we lived in California, I used to drive by a nearby feedlot quite often. The stench was bad enough, but seeing the cattle wallowing in their own muck pretty much put me off any commercial beef for life.

  3. the cattle sure look happier out in a country field somewhere

  4. No question about that. It is scenes like this…and more…that pushes some people to become vegetarians

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