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A special day in Colorado Springs

Seeing the horrible photos of the fires devastating Colorado Springs I can’t help but feel involved. We lived in Pueblo for 6 months and spent a lot of time in the Springs. In fact, our wedding night was in a … Continue reading

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Springtime in Colorado

Once upon a time, a kazillion years ago (my husband, who is a scientist, will mutter I COULD be a bit more precise) this land was different than it is now. Different formations of mountains and waters, different climate, different … Continue reading

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Dragon Boat Racing

Dragon Boat Racing, enjoyed in China for over 2000 years, has spread in popularity throughout the United States.  Each boat is 45 feet long, from head to tail. 20 paddlers sit side by side in 10 rows. In the stern, … Continue reading

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Travel Pearls: The Afforable Short Getaway

I wonder why some people NEVER take a vacation. I guess some may feel they can’t actually leave the job for a while. Many of us identify ourselves by our work….I am a doctor, a lawyer, an Indian chief. There is … Continue reading

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Traveling to…RUN RACES?

Guest Post by Sam Smith, Teenage Extraordinaire At the time of my first 5K run, I was living in Nashville. I was 11 years old, and Mom and I traveled to Huntington, West Virginia to run a road race with Graham (at … Continue reading

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