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There’s more to Florida besides Disney World!

The Magic Kingdom acts like a huge magnet to anyone with children, especially for families planning a trip during the winter school vacation time. Marketing for all the major Orlando attractions is very strong, particularly in the Northeast, and few … Continue reading

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Small Town America Arises and Eats Well

For people like me who grow up in major metropolitan areas, living in a small town (Huntington has a population just under 50,000) is an adjustment. When I first moved here five years ago I easily noticed what was missing. But … Continue reading

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To Attend or Not to Attend, That is the Question

I was talking with a childhood friend on Facebook a couple of weeks ago and we agreed that the best thing a very bigoted 5th grade teacher had taught us was that Shakespeare was accessible. We presented a scaled down version of … Continue reading

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Child Centered Trip….NOT!

We started travelling when I was 3 years old and I know there probably were plenty of times I sat there, stuck in the middle of the backseat of the 1955 Chevy station wagon, that my inner voice screamed, “ARE … Continue reading

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New Jersey’s Good Side

My last post telling about our train commute to New York City from New Brunswick showed much of what is ugly about New Jersey. Many people only have the impression that they receive from the New Jersey Turnpike of the … Continue reading

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Revisiting a Childhood Joy

My dad grew up in Brooklyn and we lived only 35 miles away from Manhattan, so we often made trips in for him to share some of New York City’s treasures with us.  One of my favorites was the American … Continue reading

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Photo of the Day-WordPress Challenge: HANDS

Taking photos at my son’s track meets has taught me a lot about the various events. The handoff in relays can make or break the win.

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New York to Albany by Bike at age 13!

The summer Sam was 13 we found a summer trip opportunity  that ended up making a profound difference in his life.  He joined a group called Teen Treks on a bicycle trip from New York City up the Hudson River … Continue reading

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