Alaskan cruise highlight

My mom asked me to plan a family vacation to Alaska and assumed we would go on a cruise with a side trip to Mt. McKinley, but her budget did not permit that. Instead all seven of us flew into Anchorage and rented a van. We had an amazing week driving first up to Denali National Park and then down to Seward.

In Seward we took a day cruise out into the Alaska Gulf and saw an amazing array of wildlife, both aquatic and land. The sea otters intrigued me and perhaps the next time I go to Alaska I will be able to sea kayak in an area where sea otters live.

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6 Responses to Alaskan cruise highlight

  1. Ingrid says:

    Alaska is on our bucket list. We’d like to drive up with the RV. I hear it’s quite the adventure!

  2. The road is paved although I have read that the warming of the ground is causing some heaves and breaks. The travel experience may once again become an adventure in itself. But well worth it. I think Alaska is one of the most powerful states to experience for people who love the outdoors and all that nature can provide.

  3. Eric Murtaugh says:

    Alaska is definitely on our list, especially Denali. Great picture! Sea otters sure are pretty stinking cute, aren’t they?

  4. Eric, when you go, check into the sea kayaking tours…they look awesome!!

  5. Gunta says:

    Love the sea otter shot and the kayaking sounds like such fun. Been toying with the idea of doing it around here, but I’m not sure how this creaky old bod would do…. 😉

  6. We’ve done kayaking a bunch….the only time I goit tired was when we had a long distance to cover with winds and waves. The other times, when we were in protected waters, it was easy and relaxing. I have never kayaked downstream in a river.

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