Independence Day

As we get closer to Independence Day here in the United States, many of us plan barbecues and picnics with friends and family to coincide with local fireworks displays. There are some spectacular events planned in several cities that may tempt you to plan a trip.

Perhaps the most moving celebration takes place in Washington, D.C. where you are in the center of our government. So many events are planned that it would be impossible not to find a few to enjoy: a parade;  events at the Smithsonian, National Archives and the White House; concert by the National Symphony on tho Capital lawn and the fireworks display on the Mall but visible from many less congested places.

It seems every major city has many events planned in various neighborhoods. Los Angeles has parades, concerts and fireworks planned at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, in Venice on Muscle Beach, at the LA Memorial Coliseum near the USC campus,  and so much more. A barbecue tasting with regional specialties from Texas, Kansas City and St, Louis will be topped off by fireworks at teh Queen Mary in Long Beach.

More than 200 events can be found in the Boston area for the week leading up to Independence Day. Many are taking place at the Harbor with boat rides and food oriented activities supplementing music throughout the day as well as the Boston Pops concert and fireworks, but surrounding communities north as well as south to Cape Cod also have many events planned.  With so much Revolutionary history having occurred in Boston, there are some special events like the annual reading of the Declaration of Independence and guided walking tours of historic places and historic people.

Throughout the nation large cities as well as small towns have events planned. Take a moment to savor the concept that our nation, while diverse and full of differences of opinion, is one of very few on earth that has a system of government that is set up to offer each of us a voice. How you participate within those freedoms is up to you…but realize that is your right and privilege…and responsibility.

Happy Birthday America.

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