Business Trip to the Far East

A friend of mine, Chuck Heller, made a recent business trip to Hong Kong, Shenzen the Philippines . After another recent trip to Europe and a severe scolding by me, he made sure to take some photos this time to share. Thanks Chuck!!

Each traveler experiences a place differently, and a business trip definitely puts a whole different spin on a visit. You do not have the time in the daily activity schedule to play tourist, so a feeling about a place comes from the meals enjoyed and the sites viewed during any travel.

Chuck’s photos show how much these cities are growing, how the economy seems to be in a healthy place, how much like us the people are.

Approach to Hong Kong harbor taken from the plane…notice the ships

Tall buildings with new construction

Shashimi for lunch

Shenzen amusement park

Colonial architecture still evident in a few places

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