Sewing Circles

My worlds are overlapping again. You ever feel like the things you do, the groups where you are involved, are separate, and then something merge?

A friend, cleaning up the pile of things left from when her mom passed away, came across sewing patterns from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s and asked me to help her market them for sale. She said her mother sewed all the time and she still has, also in storage, many of the clothes that were made so lovingly.

Did you or your mom sew? Mine did….and also she took a number of classes to improve and perfect her abilities, sewing suits and prom dresses. Shamefully, I admit one of my goals as a teenager was to be allowed to purchase store bought clothes.

In those days we had home ec, but I had already learned to sew at home and my first machine was the converted-to-electicity pedal Singer sewing machine my grandfather used when he emigrated to the US as a young tailor in the early 1900s. I had other machines and recently, when I started a unique bag buisness, I purchased a heavy duty machine.

Meanwhile, across town at the Wild Ramp, the new fresh farm market being established here in my town, farmers have been bringing in cleaned feed bags and tomorrow, there will be a sewing circle to produce shopping totes for members of the new market.

Sewing activities have existed throughout history and in all cultures.

From the quilting circles

to weaving groupsto native embroidery done in other nations.

When you consider buying a souvenir of a location, consider some art or artisan handiwork that is typical for that region. Not only will your purchase help the local economy, but you will bring home something decorative that will enhance your home or your wardrobe in a way a teeshirt never could.


Happy shopping!

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3 Responses to Sewing Circles

  1. Dubrovniklady says:

    Those patterns just took me down memory lane.

  2. Pierotucci says:

    I was pretty cool with my mom sewing dresses, skirts and tops – it was the pants! OM goodness she always found the most ugly types of material for the pants. I wanted jeans, cords (store bought of course). But everything else – my prom dress them my wedding dress, my Mom was (I mean is) great.
    I invite you stop by and check out new collection

  3. Your work is a whole different level of craftsmanship. I have looked periodically but not recently and had to drool all over it again. Wow!

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