Fear Factor

My eldest kid always had trouble making decisions. I read the parenting books and when he was two years old, I offered him a choice between two pairs of shoes. When he was three, we upped the ante to a struggle over three pairs. I tried to convince him, at age 5, that if he likes chocolate and he likes strawberry, he CAN pick one flavor he knows he will enjoy before the rest of us finish our ice cream cones.

Now that he is an adult, he can articulate better what the issue is. And chief among them is the fear that he will not pick what could be the BEST thing to do.

I’ve told him, again and again, get over it. There is no ONE “best”. Each decision takes us down a pathway and from there, other options become apparent, even the option to turn around and go back, or take a side path to reconnect with the prior trail. So take the first step, and move off that spot!

Decision making affects us all the time, even with vacation planning. When people come to me to custom plan their trip they are hesitant to answer my questions at first. Typically, these are things many people really have never thought about.

I met a woman years ago who loves to travel and is very capable of making her own trip plans. She and her husband have taken terrific trips across Canada, down to Belize, and through the United States. Her comment for years, when she would hear me talk about various bed and breakfasts that we had enjoyed, was that she prefers the chain motels where she knows what she will find. Then, one trip, there was no such option for one night and she ended up staying in a small inn that offered the attention and ambiance of a private home with welcoming hospitality. She loved it and has opted for B&Bs since. She told me later that she had always envisioned that in a bed and breakfast there would be no privacy, some vestige of a visit to some relative kept playing its sad tale in her head.

It taught me I need to explain better….not everyone knows what I know and everyone has a modicum of fear of the unknown.  So, research. Talk to me or some other travel professional who can take you through the decision making.

But do it…..don’t just freeze in place afraid to explore….there is an amazing adventure for you, that will suit you, just around the corner!

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