Photo of the Day….back road barn

I write several blogs…this one of course, where I share my love for things to see and discover in many areas that are not always the customary way most people travel.

I also write a blog for the West Virginia Farm2u Collaborative and have the great fun of visiting farms, markets and restaurants that serve local foods in the state of West Virginia.

Recently, the town where I live started to develop a new local farm market, to be held in a year-round indoor space. Since Huntington is at the corner of West Virginia with Ohio and Kentucky, our local 100-mile radius includes areas in all three states.  I have been identifying farms in West Virginia who can be sources of great local foods as I worked my Farm2u blog and recently started visiting other farms that can be producers for the Wild Ramp, the new local market.

Today I visited two farms in southeastern Ohio and continued to add to my collection of barn photos.

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6 Responses to Photo of the Day….back road barn

  1. barns are the best 🙂

  2. There’s something evocative…..funny how an old barn that needs to be repaired still gives us a sense that is peaceful, unlike an urban structure that has deferred maintenance.

  3. Gunta says:

    Our local library does a fund-raiser by selling calendars each year with a theme of old barns throughout the county. It’s pretty neat and quite popular, too.

  4. Woodworkers would love to have some of those weathered boards, especially from barns built in the early 1900s when lots of old growth trees were being cut down for lumber.

  5. Well, the trick would be how to approach the owner to permit a board swap.

  6. hmmm, maybe there is a project in there for you! With all the gorgeous photography you do, perhaps you can offer another theme!

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