Revisiting a Childhood Joy

My dad grew up in Brooklyn and we lived only 35 miles away from Manhattan, so we often made trips in for him to share some of New York City’s treasures with us.  One of my favorites was the American Museum of Natural History located at Central Park West at 79th Street . I got a chance to visit again last week and explored many of the halls.  For many people this is as close as they will get to travel, to see the way animals and people live around the world, or to see the skeletons of dinsoaurs.

The displays include animal life found around the world, including birds

~~~and insects, mammals-both living and long gone.

and even those found in the oceans.

Dioramas also depicted people living in other cultures, both current and in the past.

~~~~~~~~~~It is a magical place where early imaginations can soar and children of all ages can learn about the world around them. There is also a wonderful planetarium and many special short term exhibits.

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