Step Back for Progress

The area surrounding Lancaster, Pennsylvania has beautiful rolling farmland with much of the land in small holdings supporting several generations of extended families. The neatness of the farm buildings and maintenance of the fields and pastures becomes even more impressive once the realization that these farms are owned by Amish, Mennonite or other “Plain Folk”, many of whom do not use electricity as part of their religious interpretation to keep themselves separate from the rest of society. These farms are among the most productive in the nation, using horsepower for the most part and also generally using practices we are calling “organic” today. 

The lifestyle is simple with gatherings on Sundays that include recreation after worship. As we drove from our bed & breakfast in Bird in Hand to the restaurant in Ephrata, we passed several groups where young adults were playing volleyball.

Many roads in the area have wide well maintained shoulders for the use of the horse-drawn buggies. We also saw  younger people riding bicycles and scooters.

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4 Responses to Step Back for Progress

  1. Gunta says:

    Nice job of catching glimpses for us without intruding on their desire to be left in peace.

  2. Photos taken from quite a distance away.

  3. Laura says:

    This has always been a favorite part of the country for me, so thanks for the chance to see it again through your pictures! I always loved their symbols that they put on houses or barns…..
    Did you have shoo-fly pie while you were there?

  4. No shoo fly pie….I will write a blog about the place we ate….not only a wonderful menu but an interesting location.

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