Family Vacation-Times Square

onWhen I was young, one of the gauntlets we needed to run when we took the bus to New York City was all the XXX shops in the few blocks between the Port Authority (the bus terminal) and Times Square. The area was cleaned up as part of Mayor Guiliani’s effort duirng his term of mayor (1994-2001) to reduce crime and improve the liveability of the Big Apple.

Now, the impression is NEON!!!

With tickertape flows of news, flashing lights and electronic billboards with continually changing scenes, the area is permeated with a high level of energy. There is something to look at wherever you look.   

I had an hour to walk around Times Square while Graham was in a meeting and discovered so many places families could take their kids on a visit to New York.

A couple of blocks uptown from the center of Times Square is the Hershey Store.  Filled with an amazing selection of all you could ever want in all kinds of packaging both typically marketed and speciality marketed, if you manage to get out of there avoiding a diabetic coma, you are greeting with another neon billboard across Broadway. The M&M Store offers 3 floors of excitement with the Wall of Candy located on the second level.  There, you can chose prepackaged mixes or you can select your color of choice!


There are many choices for toys and clothes as well.                                                                        

Walking back towards the area where the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, I was next drawn into the Disney Store.

Friendly staff (this guy had come to New York from San Jose, California in the hopes of a career in theater), many dancing to the loud exciting music, greet you with smiles. The store offers a lot of merchandise of old favorites and new products that I had not seen, but then again, my kids are no longer part of the Disney demographic.  The noise in the store raises the level of excitement and tucked in the back of the store I found the gem that provided a moment of thought, not just reaction to the stimulation.

Us, which has a huge ferris wheel…………. 

and a dinosaur!    

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