Summer Vacation Time!!!

I grew up in New Jersey and lived in Connecticut for quite a while as well when my older kids were in elementary school. Also spent time in Tennessee and now in West Virginia with kids in schools.  It seems to me that the Southern schools get out in May while Northern schools finish their year in June.

This provides Southern families a time to head on vacation before the crowds hit fully and the summer heat has really descended.

Have you planned your vacation yet?

I once had a close friend ask me to plan a getaway for a long weekend around the 4th of July….about 10 days before. He did not have any idea where he wanted to go so after some basic questions (beach or mountains? crowds or quiet? city or countryside? activities or rest?) I managed to present him a great short trip.  The difference between him and a lot of the rest of us was his budget was very flexible.

If you want a nice getaway this summer that fits your budget and suits you  it is PAST time to get it planned and reservations made!! Contact me if you need help.

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