Medical Mission Along the Amazon

Medical Mission along the Amazon

Five years ago Graham took a sabbatical for six months in Pueblo, Colorado, and that was when Sam and I joined him. We got involved in the community by joining the choir in a church there and in so doing many doors were opened for us that a newbie might not have found quickly.  We made many wonderful friends who will always remain close

Barring and Anne held two corners of our chupah when we married (a wonderful mix of Jewish and Episcopalian ritual; the other two corners were held by my sisters. Their lives are full. Anne went back to school in her 50s and became a nurse. A few years ago, in his 60s, in recognition that their mountainside community was pretty remote for medical emergencies, Barring completed EMS training.

Very special people, they recently were part of a medical mission to the Amazon basin in Brazil.  Centura Global Health Initiatives organized the mission trip. Centura is the hospital chain that owns St Mary Corwin in Pueblo, where Anne works. Centura’s head of medicine, Steve Brown, is a neighbor of theirs, and he did the prior trip in March. The rest of the group was from another of the Adventist Centura hospitals located in Boulder.   Here are some glimpses of what they experienced.

We took one of these boats each day 1-2 hours up or down river

Basic transport on the river

Welcoming party

Quando is importante laverse los manos?

Many of the villages we visited were flooded.

 The townspeople helped carry our equipment.

This town was very healthy, clean and well organized.

The kids helped set up the clinica

We were introduced to the community in each of the villages

Vandy taught tooth brushing, and gave away almost 1000 toothbrushes

Anne did intake

The pharmacia

I think this photo captures the commonality of all of us. It does not matter that this mother and child live in the Amazon….we can very much relate to her hopes that her baby will be healthy.

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  1. What an inspirational story. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The area along the river has been experiencing high flooding so many of the villages were inundated. Some high ground was found nearby for those towns and people sailed there. Think about never being able to see a doctor. The team discovered some big issues but most people were helped with new glasses, new toothbrushes and some other forms of treatment we consider pretty minimal.

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