Pacific Coast Beaches

Tropical beaches have a certain allure, particularly in the winter months. How relaxing it is to consider lazing a day away on a crescent of white sand lines with gracefully arching palm trees.

But lazing away is all I would do…..give me, instead,  the energy of waves crashing on to rocks and I am ready to walk, looking for shells or other wave-washed treasures, wondering what is beyond the next headland.

The Pacific coast from northern California through the central area of Oregon has tremendous rock formations with haystacks extending beyond the beach area into the water. This is the beach off the bed and breakfast Howard Creek Ranch in Newport, California. Low tide provides wonderful pools to examine starfish and mussels and other sealife.   Patterns in the sand provide a more than adequate contemplative focus for those who prefer to meditate instead of beach comb.

Further up the coast the state of Oregon has a string of pearls with state parks along the coast. My sister recently visited Cape Sebastian State Park south of Gold Beach.

Bandon is a bit further up the coast.

North of Newport is Lincoln Beach, with one more wonderful haystack.

and even in March, lots of people enjoying the beach

So, next time, get off I-5 and plan a more leisurely drive along US 101…..the scenery will amaze you.

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5 Responses to Pacific Coast Beaches

  1. Gunta says:

    Not much but sand dunes blocking the view to the ocean between Florence and Port Orford. Oddly enough summer winds on the beach can make that season a bit more unpleasant. Some of my best days have been in the winter. You won’t find many people swimming. The water is always cold. Lovely shots! And I’m with you….. lazing on a tropical beach spells b…o…r…i…n…g…

  2. I could take maybe a day and a very good book. LOL

  3. Beautiful pictures! Makes me wish I was there. Perhaps someday……

  4. We are planning a move to Oregon after next summer. Most of those were my photos from prior trips and others were my sister’s, Since we started talking about moving out there my sister and my eldest son have! It is a wonderful state.

  5. Malou says:

    Beautiful pictures! Can’t wait to escape to such a paradise again. 😉

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