Bistro Time in Huntington, West Virginia

Anyone and everyone who has eaten at Mark Cross’s 21 Club inside the Frederick knew that Chef Jason’s cooking was worth any parking issue encountered to enjoy a quality meal downtown.

Now that Jason Oesterreicher has opened Chef Jason’s Du Soir Bistro in the same space as Third and Ninth Deli Market at 905 3rd Avenue, parking is easily available at the Pullman Square parking garage a block away.

The deli and the bistro perform a daily chameleon change at 3:30, cleaning up the last of the lunch service and preparing the bistro’s set ups for the evening.

For Chef Jason, sharing half the space’s rent was a benefit, especially when the space came with a working modern kitchen.

Evening bistro with chandeliers

The bistro menu consists of items of European influence with familiar tastes and  attractive presentation.  We enjoyed a tomato basil soup with salmon that had a slight touch of smokiness and cajun warmth.

Sorry, we started eating before I remembered to take the photo!

The lumpmeat crab cakes with a roumalade sauce was possibly the best in town. It was accompanied with a small seaweed salad that our server said most people assumed was decor only but it had a sesame oil seasoning which was a nice contrast to the sauce.  Graham enjoyed a steak with asparagus and french fries crisply prepared in duck fat. I had a vegetarian offering of eggplant romallarde.

Together we shared the desert trio.

The price was the kind we consider for a special evening out, so this is an ideal place to enjoy the upcoming college graduation celebrations, and other special life events.  We will be eating here again!

It is wonderful that we have this new and very worthy star here in Huntington, West Virginia!

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  1. Gunta says:

    Oooh, that all looks so scrumptious!!

  2. It was good…and we ate and ate…more than we should have but all in the name of testing so we could tell…uhhuh

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