Same Old Same Old Could Use a ChangeUp

What do you do for vacation?  Let’s imagine you have always gone to your family’s house each year but your spouse finally indicated some new scenery is in order.  What next?

Sometimes it’s as early as THAT when people get stuck. They can’t agree. She wants to go somewhere exotic. He wants to go fishing.

Oh boy! That one is EASY!!!!

Let’s say she wants shopping and he wants to go to a professional baseball game? EASY again!!!

Throw it at me, People….this is play time. This is what I do, all day every day.

The trick to the service I offer is to facilitate communication between all the members of the travel party and then, once I know what kind of activities you want to enjoy,

what kind of lodging you prefer,

what kind of meals you consider optimal

Cook your own to save money


Be able to get food like at home.

in the location you want, then I get to work.

What I do then is spend a lot of time researching. Is it rocket science? No!

Brain surgery?  NOPE!!!!

Can YOU do it…….maybe.

Most people can’t, which is why they never take the kind of trip that will provide memories for years and make friends jealous.  Either you don’t have the time to give to the planning process… and it does take a lot of time,  or you miss the details…and it is the details that make it special.

So what’s the difference between me, a custom trip planner, and walking into a travel agency? HUMONGOUS difference. The travel agent will sell you a cookie cutter tour, something he or she has been given to sell to anyone and everyone who walks through the door, exactly like the one your neighbor down the street, the one who is nothing like you, was sold a couple of weeks ago. Will the same trip work for both of you? Probably not. But you might be happy with it anyway, because you don’t know any better. We don’t know what we don’t know. If you have never had a fantastic vacation, then a good one is good enough.

One day last summer so many cruise ships arrived in Dubrovnik that no one could move!!! Most had purchased their trip through a travel agent or an online cruise offer and NO ONE checked the port arrivals for that day......why not?

Consider that a packaged tour leaves holes. “Free time to explore”. If you opt for a cruise, they offer land tours that may not be of the quality you desire. For example, when we were in Dubrovnik a few years ago we saw 40 cruisers trailing behind a woman with a small speaker system carried over her shoulder. Ten feet away her voice was unintelligible. Meanwhile for only a little more money the three of us had the full attention of a private guide. Who learned more?

What I do is very individualized. 

Okay, now the inevitable issue…my fee must be high and saving for the vacation has been difficult enough, right?  So, you are afraid you can’t afford a upscale service like “custom trip planning”. Well, it’s pretty simple and completely affordable. My fee is 10% of your trip budget. So if you have $2000 for a trip, my fee is $200.  If you budgeted $500, my fee is $50. If your wonderful trip is going to cost you $10,000, my fee is $1,000.

Go to the website and read the sections   Paying for the Custom Trip Planning Service  and Trip Plan Questionnaire.  Then sit down with your travel companions and complete the questionnaire and send it. I will call and we will get the ball rolling on your FANTASTIC VACATION!!!

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5 Responses to Same Old Same Old Could Use a ChangeUp

  1. This is an excellent Idea. I often have struggles with vacation time. I don’t travel far but we do a lot of things in the state in which we live. I quest a little creativity on our part will help. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Holler if you want help. *S*

  3. Gunta says:

    Sounds like a great idea! Judging by the trips you’ve blogged, I’d say you really know your stuff.

  4. And it is FUN…the idea of working at something I love is great! I’ve had people come to me very afraid….paying someone to figure out what they will enjoy is a gamble….and then they say they have never had a great vacation…..when they come back they sing praises….like “How did you know?” “We really could have stayed there longer, we loved it so much” and stuff like that. I LOVE hearing that!

  5. I will haven’t plan for this summary yet. I will keep you posted

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