Welcome to the Land of Music…..Austin Style

Having living in Nashville for over 17 years, I knew well its nickname Music City USA. One of my sisters was reluctant to visit because she believed that there was country music played over loudspeakers in the street, similar to the music we heard as kids at the New York Worlds Fair.  But Nashville is not JUST country music. As a major recording studio location and also because of the appreciation of music in the population, all kinds of musicians go to Nashville. We were treated to amazing concerts from a range of artists such as Bobby McFerrin, River Dance, Itzhak Perlman and more. The Nashville Symphony is inviting YoYo Ma and Boyz II Men to join their performance schedule this coming season.  The Blair Children’s Choir will participate in one concert, similar to what they did when Sam sang with them as a boy soprano.

So, knowing all the music Nashville has, I was fascinated to hear that Austin, Texas has MORE music venues!  Touted as the live music capitol of the world, it has over 1900 musicians performing in over 200 clubs.  Music ranges from blues to indie rock, country to jazz, rock en español and more.

Graham decided to visit his sister in Austin during spring break.  After all, what man in his right mind would CHOSE to travel with three 17-year-olds on a college road trip? Especially when I had told him we would not have time to check out local wineries. So, he headed to Texas and this is what greeted him in the airport. 

Reminds me of the painted cows and pigs some cities had as fund raisers!

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5 Responses to Welcome to the Land of Music…..Austin Style

  1. Gunta says:

    How cool! Eugene has painted ducks all over downtown much like the cows and elephants. A lot of towns around here paint up the fire hydrants in all kinds of colorful and sometimes artistic ways. Don’t know if that’s universal or just Oregon.

  2. I saw animals in at least two cities where I lived…they were done by various groups as a fund raiser for some charity…positioned around town where people could see them and then attend the auction to purchase the cow or pig.

  3. I am there right now! I’ve had a phenomenal vacation this past week (and loved the live music I’ve heard — also the food trucks are outrageously good).

  4. My husband didn’t tell me about food trucks…he told me his sister dragged him off for walks in the park and even the gym. I think she was a good influence! LOL

  5. We did see the food trailers (I did tell you about them, we just didn’t sample the wares) when we were on S. Congress looking at all the funky shops.

    Gunta, Atlanta has painted dolphins everywhere downtown.


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