Hey! Look at that one!

On our recent college road trip we traveled just a few miles short of the US-Canadian border.  When I first started planning the trip I was concerned about the very real possibility of snow in March, but it was one of those freaky weeks with temperatures well into the 70s. I should have packed summer clothes!

When you drive in other parts of the country you may think that all the rules of the road are the same as home, but you may be surprised to see a few things that are different.

Seeing a moose crossing sign was different! We are used to seeing the more common one for deer.

We saw this one in New York State although the owner of the bed and breakfast said the snow cover had not been deep enough during this past mild winter for the typical recreational rides.

It got me thinking about the kinds of signs people might see on the roads of the United States.

Amish areas of Ohio and Pennsylvania have these signs posted to caution auto drivers to be watchful for the slower buggies.

Animal crossing signs may be different in different areas of the country and on rural roads…………………….and a different kind of animal can be found in some areas.

Watch out for those birdies!

International signage without words are generally self explanatory, as these show from our most recent trip to the United Kingdom.But this one had us stumped for a while and we finally had to ask.

It means “dual carriageway ends” which translates into American English as “expressway ends—two way traffic ahead.”  And yes, we had the fun of driving on the left side of the road.

Some international signage can get very confusing. I found these online…..if anyone can interpret any of them, please leave a comment!

This was explained as a "crab crossing" area sign.

Is there a cow farm without a fence on the top of that cliff?

I bet this road gets a lot of male drivers.

Really? They have huge car eating monsters on this road?

Another blogger asked to borrow this post and did a whole lot more! Check out Laughing at Everyday Life!!!!

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22 Responses to Hey! Look at that one!

  1. Love these signs. The cow falling on the car gave me a good chuckle.

  2. Gunta says:

    Nice to see some imagination put into the signs. We’re so used to seeing the usual ones that I sometimes tend to quit seeing them. (If you know what I mean?)

  3. Actually it wasn’t until Sam pointed out the moose that I noticed it…..but when I was in Ohio I stopped to take a photo of the Amish sign…..saw a buggy coming but they are sensitive about their photo being taken so I didn’t wait.

  4. Karl says:

    This was really cool. I’ve seen some interesting falling rock signs, but the cow one was surprising.
    The large monster one is one I want for the entrance to our farm.

  5. That would be fitting since you are near Champ’s place. LOL Did you see my blogs about our visit to Burlington and UVM a few weeks ago on a college road trip. We LOVED it there!

  6. tadams4u says:

    The cow over cliff and the woman under the light the funniest… Lol

  7. I have no idea what either means!

  8. tadams4u says:

    For a good time stand here? Hey, that might even work for both of the signs. Lol

  9. hmmmmmm wonder where YOU Live that your sense of entertainment involves cows? 😉

  10. tadams4u says:

    Thats the problem, I pass too many dairy farms out this way… LOL No cliffs tho..

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  12. Wow….you are a hoot!!!

  13. haha love these signs!

  14. If you thought mine were funny, apparently I inspired another blogger and his had me in stitches…..go to the http://tadams4u.wordpress.com/2012/04/15/did-i-just-see-what-i-thought-i-saw/

  15. habibadanyal says:

    the last one looks like a loch ness monster!!!

  16. Yes, BUT the monster is coming from the mountain, not the lake! Doesn’t make sense!

  17. habibadanyal says:

    from the other side of the mountain….probably there is a lake. lol 😛

  18. I just say this, hilarious! Thanks for sharing

  19. Three are funny things around us….and as we travel and go to areas where the customs may be different, our interpretation of what we see just might be a bit…askew. LOL

  20. travel says:

    This website certainly has all the information and facts I needed about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.


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