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I’ve mentioned before that my son Sam runs and it is track season right now. That means at least one night a week there is a meet. A couple of years ago, when he was a freshman, he was running in the 3200 meter race (8 times around the track) which was one of the first races, and in the 4×400 meter relay, the very last race.  Track meets are 5-6 hours long…or longer, so we were there twiddling our thumbs the first couple of meets waiting to cheer for the few minutes of movement.

By the third meet we started taking photos of all the other kids…..40-60 on the track team, boys and girls.  Now we are the “official photographers”.  We take about 1500 photos each meet and I then spend 5-6 hours editing them down to about 250 pictures to post on the track team website to share.

It is an amazing pleasure….sure, it is cold…or hot….or raining…and sometimes the weather is perfect. What makes is amazing is seeing the effort these kids make.

They beg me not to publish photos with “funny faces” and I tell them if I wouldn’t want it of myself, the photo will be scrapped, but I also tell them the frowns and grimaces are part of the effort they are making…and they are beautiful.

If you want more of how I feel about this experience, here is a link to my first blog, a personal one called Beth’s Life Adventures. 

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4 Responses to Photo of the Day-travel of another sort

  1. Gunta says:

    Great shot. Love that feeling of sharing things you love.

  2. So hard picking just ONE photo to share….this sprinter is not the “best” runner on the team but you can see his effort is strong and he has prepared his body to put forth the energy he needs to be successful. These kids are great!

  3. Laurie says:

    I really enjoyed reading your blog! It is as if I am there with you watching all the activities!
    Way to go, Sam! I’m really proud of you, too!

  4. Well, Laurie, you probably know better than most that that photo is NOT of Sam…I post his pic so often on this blog as it is LOL. It is fun to watch the students…they all are trying so hard and of course have different levels of achievement, but as a whole, they are a good bunch of teenagers. I am proud to be part of the team.

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