A Capitol Time

When my family traveled around the United States each summer, my parents often sought out things to do that were free to keep costs low. One of my father’s favorite activities was to have us take a tour of each State Capitol building we saw.

We visited Oklahoma City on our trip to the Southwest in 1963. It is the only state capital with oil wells on the statehouse land. (This photo is from my recently scanned collection of our family’s slides.  The cars are real time 1963, not antiques from today.)

While on the recent college road trip we passed through five state capitals. We did not have time to take the Capitol tours, but enjoyed a few minutes of comparative architecture.

The Capitol in Albany, New York is a large, castle-like structure. 

Located in the small town of Montpelier, the Vermont State Capitol was the smallest we saw. There are two adjacent buildings to house offices and the Secretary of State’s office was located in a large Victorian-era house across the street.

When we realized our route from Burlington, Vermont to Beverly, Massachusetts took us right past Concord, New Hampshire we swung off the road. It actually was a bit difficult to find the Capitol as signage was poor and the nearby downtown area blocked us from espying the dome.

In Boston we took the T from the B&B neighborhood to go downtown and got off at the Boston Common stop to walk the rest of the way. The Massachusetts state Capitol is located on the western side of the Common.

Finally, on our way to the highway from visiting the Mark Twain House in Hartford, we passed the Capitol of Connecticut.

If you haven’t taken a tour of your state capitol consider it. The buildings were carefully planned to use building materials from the state. It also helps me understand the legislative process when I can see the rooms where the two houses meet.

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6 Responses to A Capitol Time

  1. Love the gold domes but I truly appreciate the old Concord capitol.

  2. I remember taking a tour once (can’t remember where) and hearing that it cost a kazillion ridiculous dollars to put new goldleaf on the dome, all in a time of budget deficit…..ok, I know image is important but…..how about some education for our “not left behind” children? (sorry….feeling peeved at some local stupidity here)

  3. In my neck of the woods, the domes are brass that tarnish over time. Not quite as pretty, but probably costs less to restore.

  4. Beautiful, I don’t travel much but, the pictures you’ve shared sparked my interest. Very nice. Thanks for sharing rich history.

  5. Gunta says:

    Nostalgia for my very first VW bug from your first picture…. 🙂

    Never thought of checking out state houses. I’ll have to consider that one. I even lived near the one in Boston on Beacon Hill for awhile…. back in my misspent youth!

  6. Did NOT enjoy it as a kid but can appreciate it now. Of course when I hear about the expense of renovation and I know the issues in the state that are not being addressed, like better education, it irks me. I try not to take it out on the docent tho. *G*

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