Boston Lodging Gem-The Bertram Inn

Overnight lodging in a major city like Boston can end up being pricey and for travelers trying to maximize their trip budget it is important to find a place to spend the night that offers a safe and comfortable environment at a competitive price. Two years ago we stayed in a chain hotel and it was fine but this time I hit the jackpot.

The view from this side porch of the Inn made me realize how much the neighborhood had changed since it had been built as a home.

The Bertram Inn, located in the adjacent town of Brookline, was not only affordable, it has easy access to Boston University, Northeastern University and Boston College so it ideal for college visits.

This was the first bed and breakfast experience for part of our travel group and they were enthusiastic about it, recognizing that the house itself and its furnishings were well above the typical places they had stayed before on family travel. In addition, the ability to forage for snacks and then the breakfast spread endeared the concept to them in a way you need to understand teenage boys to fully appreciate.

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2 Responses to Boston Lodging Gem-The Bertram Inn

  1. Gunta says:

    You’re taking me down memory lane here. Spent much time in Brookline. Then again, when I go to Boston, I get free room and board and lots of staying up in the wee hours giggling and reminiscing. Beat that! 🙂

  2. Never can beat free lodging, especially if it comes with giggles.

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