Photo of the Day-Mark Twain House Hartford, Connecticut

If you travel with an excited, questing mind, you will learn so much and understand that people are people are people.  Your world will become a smaller, friendlier place.

If you travel to merely check off a bucket list and make no effort to understand the culture you are visiting, you are missing the point.

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5 Responses to Photo of the Day-Mark Twain House Hartford, Connecticut

  1. Me too, obviously. LOL But not all travelers are wise enough to realize that the purpose to go somewhere else is to SEE and UNDERSTAND that place. So many people that I will politely call uneducated chose to look for the same thing as home…and then complain that there are differences. So, be a smart traveler and learn and enjoy!

  2. Graham says:

    Like our son’s paternal grandfather, who was in military. He arrived in Paris one July. He said there was some sort of celebration going on and it was too noisy so he went back to base. It turned out to be Bastille Day! He ate on base all the time because he also didn’t like the food.

  3. ibbob500 says:

    Wow! Love that quote!!!

  4. and it is so true…IF the person is a traveler NOT just a tourist.

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