This past weekend, just back from my college road trip, I was Touched. People would perhaps venture to say there was plenty of evidence of my being touched because I was willing to take three 17-year-old boys on a 2,100 mile road trip. But this is more like Touched by An Angel.

The blogging world sometimes feels vast, but in other ways it can be a small community. I have ended up being a subscriber to some blogs and they to mine….and it feels like I am making new friends. The blogging format provides a view of ourselves that perhaps our friends here in town never see.

So I found my new friend Gunta, who blogs  Movin’ 58 to 23, when I was searching for bloggers who wrote about Oregon. She and I have also conversed by email and I am looking forward to meeting her. And so, the world becomes a smaller and friendlier place.

So Gunta TOUCHED me and now I am honored. But then there are these conditions. So here’s the deal (rules and such):

1. You must post the rules.   

2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.   

3. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.  

4. Let them know you’ve tagged them!  

At least the rules come with wiggle room, thus (to quote she who tagged me):  “I’m passing it on.  Feel free to decline.  And you have my permission (like you need it!) to break the rules, as we all know they are meant to be broken!!!”

Finding and creating the elevens may turn into a challenge (but then there’s that permission to break the rules).

As for MY assignment…..

  1. If you could do anything you wanted to do, what would it be? I would want to travel, as I love it, but since this is wish time, perhaps with a tad more economic cushion than I have now…..please.
  2. What country do you live in? Do you like it?  I live in the United States and I have lived in many areas: New Jersey, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Colorado and West Virginia. This moving has permitted me to see that while we have regional differences we all want peace and prosperity.  I have also lived 6 months in Europe as well as travelling to other countries and hosting foreign exchange students. I know very well that there are some things that work better in other countries, but we are the goal for so many. I just wish some people would actually learn a bit more before they just holler “we are the best!” If you have never been anywhere other than where you grew up, how do you really KNOW that.
  3. Dog? Cat? or possibly some other critter excluding humanoid.  or (horrors!) None? We currently have one 12-year-old cat who actually deigned to curl up with us when we returned from our recent trip and didn’t scold us too long. We also have a sun conure who is very pretty….and very noisy. I am a dog person but we had to make the awful decision to find our latest two other homes as my asthma got to the point that it really was them or me…..glad the family, while tearful, decided for me.
  4. A favorite book… a review would be nice, but not required. I am also a book resaler and as such, I have a pile on my bedside table. One favorite book (not the best but it comes to mind right now) is Fannie Flagg’s Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven, an easy to read interpretation of death.
  5. Favorite movie(s)? Explain why, if you wishI am usually amazed that people go and spend so much money at the movie theater to watch rather dreadful movies, but probably the first one I enjoyed was M*A*S*H. That had me rolling on the floor laughing. Of course I was 18 when I saw it and my standards were different in those days. LOL
  6. Favorite meal? or dessert? I love to eat….and I love sweets. Recently my allergies have affected my sense of taste so whatever I eat now is best enjoyed if it is well seasoned.
  7. Favorite color? (Gunta just switched hers to strawberry-indigo) I’m a blue person….various hues….but never have seen strawberry-indigo…is that a purple?
  8. What’s your favorite memory of a childhood best friend? My best friend from 6th grade, after about 5 years of long distance and a bit of estrangement responded to my request to pick me up at the airport with an “of course!” and we picked right back up.
  9. How many times have you moved in your lifetime? Yikes…okay, I think I will run out of fingers but I still have my toes…..NJ to college to Nashville to Memphis to Pittsburgh t0 West Hartford to Windsor to Hartford to West Hartford to Newington to West Hartford to Antioch to Nashville to another place in Nashville to another place in Nashville (!%#@* landlord) to Pueblo to Huntington….okay looks like 16 (and that’s not counting the 6 months in Europe).
  10. What do you like to do during your leisure time? Leisure time? Leisure? I work on my book biz, this custom trip planning blog as well as another blog I write (please go visit) WVFarm2u. I also have a 17-year-old who is a runner and my husband and I are the team photographers. I also have another business, CreationsByBG (building that website now) where my husband sells products he makes from wood (like cork board, trivots, etc) and I sew unique one of a kind shoulder bags (purses, totes, winebags, etc). Again, I ask: leisure time?
  11. What would you like to be remembered for? I would like people to remember me as being honest and helpful. I know there are a few people who dislike me but they tend to be people who can’t walk their own pathway well and are irritated that I think they should learn how, not lean on others to always hold them up….so be it.

So, now comes the tough part…..  thinking up the eleven new questions (trying desperately to seem witty, dazzling or brilliant while avoiding the trite).

The eleven new questions dreamed up for my intended victims: (answers may be silly, witty and/or contemplative, or whatever…)

1-Where in your past would you like to have taken the OTHER road?

2-Name your best teacher and tell us why.

3-How old were you when you learned to cook?

4. If you could take a vacation to the mountains or the ocean, where would you like to go?

5-Have you ever considered a religion other than the one you were born into?

6-Tell us something you did that your mother said to never do.

7-What is one of your pet peeves?

8-Can you sew?

9-Were you a scout?

10-Did you ever play an instrument or sing in a choir?

11-Can you run 30 minutes without stopping?

And now, selecting the bloggers I enjoy who may now block my emails to them. If you have even a little time, check them out!

BigWorldGoodWine for sharing the joy of discovery of wine around the world

lesleycarter and Bucket List Publications for sharing her life adventures including her pregnancy

Theresa Silverthorn and Beyond the Pear Tree  for opening windows to permit vision of things most of us can’t clearly see

Andre of temporarilylostdotcom who is taking us around the world, morsel by morsel…oh yeah, other sites to see also.

Brian and Shannon of Wanderings who have had a chapter of RVing around the US and now are backpacking in Central America. 

Kelsey Ivey. of The Joyful Shoehorn is in Oregon and enjoys the outdoors. Her posts sometimes are simple photography which clearly expresses her emotion that day. Other posts relate to the hiking and other outdoor activity she enjoys.

Eric Murtaugh who has a voice of common sense in the world of youthful adventurers and has been a gentle penpal.

Xandi of World Music for introducing literally a world of music.

World Music – the Music Journey

Carol who shares the Essence of Dubronik and widens our understanding of one of the world’s historic cities.

Malou of Going Dutch who shares her exploration with her family and joy of her adopted country Holland.

Paprika Furstenberg whose Good Humored blog reminds us that life, with all its trials and turmoils, is really pretty funny with the right attitude.

Are you good humored?

and finally, WVFarm2u, written by yours truly for the Collaborative for 21st Century Appalachian whose mission is to increase agratourism in the state of West Virginia. As a consumer who prefers to purchase local foods, I am excited to be on the edge of the marketing for this purpose, to spread the word to people in and around this state, thereby improving people’s diets while reducing the carbon footprint of the transportation of farm to market AND assisting the local economy.

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20 Responses to Touching

  1. Thanks so much for “touching” me and recommending my blog to your readers. I have been “tagged” four times in the past 2 weeks, but this is the first time I have been “touched.” It sounds gentler and kinder, but the rules are the same. In all fairness, I will break them the same that I broke the “tagging” rules and answer my questions here:
    1. The road I’ve been on led me to who I am and where I am now and I’m happy with that. Choosing a different road might mean I’d be a different me.
    2. I’ve been fortunate to have many bright, enthusiastic, supportive teachers from elementary school through graduate school. One of my favorites was Mrs. Jones who taught a children’s literature and storytelling class in my undergrad program. She was an older woman with a great British accent and she started every class by reading us a story. Quizzes and tests were not referred to as such, but rather “confrontations with self.” I was in her class more than 20 years ago and I still have fond memories of it and the book she gave me for getting the highest score in the class on a “confrontation with self.”
    3. Learning to cook was a gradual process for me. The better question would be, “How old was I when I stopped burning what I was cooking?”
    4. This one is a trick question. Where I prefer to vacation depends on the season. In the winter, I prefer to travel someplace warm and beachy. In the summer, I prefer the coolness of the mountains.
    5. I barely consider the religion I was brought up in, so I definitely have not considered any others.
    6. One of the things my mother told me not to do was rent a car, or any motor vehicle for that matter, in a country where I would have to drive on the other side of the road.
    7. I have a few pet peeves, but one of the biggest ones is when people throw cigarettes or garbage out their car windows. Where do they think it is going and who do they think is going to clean up after them?
    8. I can’t sew, but I’m a whiz with iron on hem tape.
    9. I was never a scout, but I am fond of their cookies.
    10. I played the flute, clarinet and sang in the choir though not simultaneously and definitely not with any talent.
    11. No way!

  2. xandimusic says:

    Thanks so much Beth, and great photos and nice words to all of us. Keep it on!
    Have a nice weekend,

  3. Xandi….I want you to know when I listen to a new post by you, if I like it I go to, search for that artist and then add them to my list. You are personally helping me expand my listening…Thanks so much!!

  4. Okay, so how old were you when you stopped burning your offerings? LOL

  5. xandimusic says:

    Thanks Beth. That’s it, a little plan of a friend of mine and me is to start a world music radio. But it seems difficult and costs much….

  6. Xandi…I am warning you now…I will include you on anything like this, as I did before when I got the Versatile Blogger award. I want people to be aware of what you do so will share as often as I can!

  7. Okay, so how old WERE you when you stopped burning the offering? LOL

  8. I’d have to say I stopped burning the vast majority of my offerings by the time I was 26, but I did manage to make a handheld blender blow up while making pesto sauce.

  9. xandimusic says:

    Can’t really understand it Beth, sorry. But thanks again, And will look up with the radio, but the chance is low 😀

  10. Gunta says:

    Ahhh Beth… you have such a way with words, you do! So glad you took (made) the time to do this. I enjoyed learning some new things about you. And I intend to check out the folks you mentioned (the ones I don’t already follow.) Some sound really intriguing… as our blogging community expands…

  11. Gunta says:

    PS Strawberry-indigo is the blogger who “touched” me. You may want to check out her blog: (
    I picture the color as a lovely shade of purple (but I mostly favor the indigo end of the spectrum, as you do).

  12. I just wanted to get the 5 college visits in before I forgot the nuances…I worked on it right away but it had to sit as a draft. It is a nice way to share other bloggers with the people who read mine.

  13. Well, I have told my kids that they are responsible for keeping me current on newer popular music they think I can tolerate. Your introduction to so many new artists permits me to listen to a wide range of music now. If I like any I go to, a website that lets you pull music from its list and make your own to play. So I have added many musicians now because of you. Thank you. And so, any time someone tags me with some “award” that asks me to tag others, I will tag you, because it is one way to get all my readers aware of you!

  14. Gunta says:

    Loved your descriptions for sharing. I could have done a far, far better job of that. We share quite a few blogs that we follow, though. My biggest problem is finding the TIME to keep up. Don’t know how you do it.

  15. Well, I recognize that my blog is a business. By describing so many different things that can be fit into a trip, an educated traveler will recognize the value of having a trip plan to include activities of interest and hire me to plan their vacation! We fit in cooking classes, for example, on trips to Nova Scotia and Paris, as well as the CIA in Napa. One day I might be able to swing a trip like you do it….see where the road takes me. But for a trip like this college tour, planning was needed to fit in all the people and things that had to be understood. Anyway, time management of my day means a lot of time online…and my research excursions are a fun part of the process.

  16. Gunta: You are so very nice to mention me. 🙂

  17. Hello there Custom: Great post. I like how you call it touching, so nice and gentle. Doesn’t Gunta have great taste in colors. (haha) 😉

  18. She had to explain why she mentioned “strawberryindigo”…I was slow on the uptake that that was your name.

  19. I know it’s a strange name. If I knew what I know now I woud have tried to come up with something better. 😉

  20. Gunta says:

    I loved the play on the word “touch”…. as in some might think you were touched for traveling with three teenagers 🙂 , but from what i’ve learned of you, I can tell everyone had a great time.

    StrawberryI… I like sharing good stuff. So glad you appreciate my great taste in colors! 🙂

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