College Road Trip-The Actual Event-University of Connecticut

In an earlier chapter of my life I lived in Connecticut and Sam was born in Hartford. We moved to Tennessee when he was 2 months old so of course he remembers nothing, but he tells people he doesn’t have a southern accent because he is a Nutmegger.

Two years ago on the earlier college road trip we visited UConn and it remained high on the list. Its position has wavered a bit now, but we knew Blake might find it a good comparison to West Virginia University, so we went once again.

Located about a half hour east of Hartford, the UConn campus is literally in the middle of farmland in the town of Storrs. Located 90 minutes from Boston, the campus is not as isolated as it first appears.

Blake said the campus was so large and so self-contained it appears to be a small city. With an undergraduate population of about 15,000, there are plenty of events to provide activities on campus. The Jorgenson Auditorium provides a wonderful venue for visiting acts and speakers.

The Gambel Pavilion is the huge basketball arena, although some games are played in Hartford. The student union has a bookstore and multiple activity centers.

Academic buildings are either older and updated or fairly recent.

Many of the new building have won silver standards for Green design. We also passed a construction site with signage indicating care was being taken to minimize impact on the mature trees there.

Classrooms are updated with the latest electronic gadgetry.

After our tour Blake told us he was pretty pleased with what UConn had to offer so  we went over to the Civil Engineering building to see if someone could take the time to chat with us.

We were fortunate that Professor Nick Lownes had a few minutes to spend with us and he took us around to see the facility.


The University of Connecticut started as a Land Grant College and still has a huge agricultural component in its program. After the tour we headed over to the dairy bar for our lunch.

~~A good day for a tour and one more school for Blake to consider. Sam feels he could enjoy UConn as well but it is lower on his list now than it was before this trip. SamE is not interested in the rural setting, but he admitted the ice cream was worth the trip.

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4 Responses to College Road Trip-The Actual Event-University of Connecticut

  1. Gunta says:

    I forget how much closer everything is in New England. (90 min from Boston) It takes me at least 3 hours to get to the nearest mid-sized city… but oh! them open spaces in between!

  2. When I married Sam’s daddy and he moved to CT from Memphis, it was a short time before he got a job so he went with me on my appraisals. He said he was surprised there was so many farms and forests in CT…he had expected dense deveopment. CT is a beautiful state.

  3. Gunta says:

    True for most of the states, once you get outside of the Big City limits that run from Boston down to DC.

  4. Colleges will play a huge role in our future energy endeavors as a country. It’s very important that our universities contine to train students for a greener future

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