College Road Trip-The Actual Event-Boston University

Two years ago we surprised a lot of people because we took a college road trip when Sam was only a freshman. In the hopes it would make him more serious about his high school work, during the summer between middle and high school I had given him a project to identify colleges where he might want to attend. He only had two criteria in those days: a running program and a journalism major. He ended up identifying over 50 colleges which seemed to be clustered into the Northeast, Midwest and West Coast.

I suggested a road trip the spring break of his freshman year and we took a different friend along that time. We visited Rutgers, Boston U, Northeastern, UConn and one other school which will remain nameless because it really was not suitable for Sam and essentially, other than helping us learn to eliminate schools on paper, it was a waste of time.

One of my close friends had attended BU and I was highly impressed during that tour. Sam, however, did not like it. We had hit horrendous traffic on the drive into Boston but I had reminded him that once there, use of the mass transit system could get him anywhere and traffic would not be an issue. He said he just didn’t think he wanted the large city experience.

While planning this roadtrip SamE had expressed a strong desire for a large city university and immediately we knew we needed to take him to BU. My Sam felt it would not be a waste of time for him, as his attitude toward a city environment had changed a bit and he could see how BU felt now

This time we arrived in Boston the afternoon before so there was no traffic angst delaying our arrival for our scheduled campus info session and tour. We also remembered where we needed to go and found parking in close proximity. The presentation was similar to the prior experience….an admissions officer presented much of the information with two students discussing personal experience for a number of topics. A video presentation highlighted other aspects.

As we exited the auditorium the admissions officer was near us and asked Sam, who was wearing a Vermont tee-shirt, if he was from Vermont. Sam responded “West Virginia” and the man turned away, no further comment. We wondered at his reaction. First, I suggested he was merely making small talk. Did he turn away because West Virginia is so far off the radar for BU? Sam opined that since he was wearing another university’s shirt, perhaps the man realized Sam already had his heart set somewhere else. Who knows?

The tour hit some of the same highlights but a few new things for us. Both SamE and Blake were impressed at the BU environment and excellent program.  SamE in particular found the older architecture appealing and was excited that residence options for freshmen included the brownstones that lined Bay State Road. The facilities are high quality with an excellent library, wonderful student union with many amenities, state of the art classrooms and lecture halls, access to the T right along the Commonwealth Avenue side of the campus, and close proximity to Fenway and downtown.


~~~~~~~~~~~My Sam continues not to be interested in BU but Blake will consider it and SamE has his heart set on it right now.

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8 Responses to College Road Trip-The Actual Event-Boston University

  1. Gunta says:

    Thanks for the memories. Back in my day, BU was considered to be a commuter college. A good % of kids lived at home and went to classes by way of public transportation. If I remember right, I think the “new” Student Union was built a year or two before I left. IMHO the old one had its own charm. I remember a lot of games of Hearts while skipping classes. Needless to say, my “heart” wasn’t into studying back in the day….. 🙂

    But gotta add that Boston is a beautiful city! None like it as far as I’m concerned.

  2. Cabbie Notes says:

    Good story. I hope it works out for Sam. Picking a college is a big decision. For my “two cents,” I agree with “Gunta” that Boston is indeed a beautiful city. There is a lot of culture there and many schools which means many people of the same age and station in life about. College is as much about traditional book learning at school as well as the life lessons to be learned about the world around us. Since Sam is interested in journalism, he might do well to attend a school in such a culturally diverse city like Boston. Best wishes and thanks for sharing. Cheers.

  3. I felt for years that if I had to live in a large city Boston would be a great option since it is a grouping of villages. I think Sam will do well where-ever he choses and the other options high on his list will be fine.

  4. I felt for years that if I had to live in a large city Boston would be a great option since it is a grouping of villages. I think Sam will do well where-ever he chooses and the other options high on his list will be fine.

  5. Boston is a lot of fun and between the trip 2 years ago and this one, as well as living in CT for 12 years and going several times, I have begun to see a few things.

  6. Malou says:

    It must be nice to study in Boston. I heard a lot of nice things about this city. 😉

  7. Malou, I always felt if I was going to live in a big city, Boston would be a great choice. Not only is it historic, but close to the sea with great seafood (which I really long for since I live in landlocked West Virginia) but it also seems to be a series of villages, so it has a strong neighborhood identification. That makes living in a large city more personal I think.

  8. Malou says:

    Hubby and I are big fans of the series “Cheers” where the setting of that bar is in Boston. 😉

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