Photos from my past-Guess the City

This and this…just a few blocks apart

Any idea yet? Need another clue? I’ll give you two!



Still no idea?

Okay, this next photo should help a LOT!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BY now you should be ready….but I will give you one more….and it is one I have posted on this blog before.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Okay, maybe you are ready for dinner…but are you ready to guess WHERE that dinner would be????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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6 Responses to Photos from my past-Guess the City

  1. Paris; but I cheated. Thanks for the nice post and photos.

  2. Well, I was wrongly guessing “Russia”

  3. wheniwasalad says:

    No surprise here as I love the stone setts picture, beautifully done the way the curves blend into each other, and yes when I saw the little dolls I thought of Russia as they feature in one of my all time favourite BBC TV programs that has been released as a film, Tinker Taylor Solider Spy.

  4. All photos were taken in Paris in December 2009. There is a good size Russian population there. The stone work is on the street in front of the French army college, our equivalent here in the U.S. is West Point.

  5. Yeah, I left the clue in the “topics” categories….all photos were taken in Paris a few Decembers ago. Thanks for playing *G*

  6. It also means you read small print LOL

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