Lyrics and Laughter

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, is well known in celtic music circles. It was unfortunate that we were unable to drive around the cape on our trip to Noval Scotia a few years ago. Our trip’s northern apex was Louisbourg. I noticed, when I was planning our stay there, that the Louisbourg Playhouse had a concert the night we would be there, so I purchased tickets.
Based on London’s 1599 Globe Theatre, the open-air playhouse was constructed at the Fortress of Louisbourg by Walt Disney Studios for the motion picture Squanto: A Warrior’s Tale. After filming wrapped up, the structure was donated to Louisbourg, relocated into Town and then the theatre was enclosed to provide a indoor venue for shows during the summer/tourist season.
During their college years, Lyrics and Laughter was the summer  house band, and their return visit to Louisbourg sold out quickly. Our bed and breakfast host sighed she had not been able to get tickets in June and had been surprised that I had purchased our in the February before our July visit. (That’s what early planning will do!!!)
 She loved the group we were going to see, having gotten to know them from prior years when they were college students and had had long runs there each summer. Now they were back for only a few weekends. They played Celtic music with multiple instrumental talent by most of them and the 2 women also step dancing or clogging. We picked up one cd and bought another from their website later.
Here are some link to enjoy their music:

After the show I commented to one of the band members about something I experienced in Nashville. I had worked as a volunteer for the Nashville Symphony for about 4 years and attended many wonderful shows. When River Dance came to town, they invited a bluegrass band to join them on stage for part of the show and it was apparently that the music had its roots in Celtic traditions. Even the Irish step dancing and the country clogging were similar.
 When I mentioned it, the guy said they would NEVER go the Nashville route. He has a friend who lives there and visits several times a year so has learned how “big business” it has become. The band members are all young, and now out of university. Several of them have made solo cds as well and they deserve a successful career.
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