Photo of the Day: New River Morning

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7 Responses to Photo of the Day: New River Morning

  1. Cuzzn-Dread says:

    What an Amazing photo! I love everything about the picture. Thank you for sharing and enjoy your weekend!

  2. Pit says:

    I rellay like this wonderful photo! May I ask where it was taken?

  3. Gunta says:

    What Pit said. I second that.

  4. We left the area of the New River in West Virginia after white water rafting and instead of heading back to Interstate 64, we decided to drive back on the Midland Trail (US Route 60). This was high above the New River south of Gauley Bridge.

  5. Thanks….I forgot I had this one from a few summers ago. Overlooking the New River, one of the oldest rivers in the world. Great white water rafting, too!

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