HOW TO: Get going on your summer vacation planning

Time to get moving.  Springtime is the last best time to plan for your summer vacation. Of course you can plan something later, closer to the time you want to go. But you may have to take your second or third or fourth choice in lodging options. You might not be able to get tickets to a game or concert.  Of course, your fallback vacation may be going to visit some relative again for the tenth year in a row. It is time for a change, perhaps?              

Many people do not have what I call a “planner personality”. The idea of thinking ahead a few months is a concept they just can’t get their brain around. I once was married to a man who, when given the opportunity for a FREE trip to Australia, told me, “I don’t know how I will feel then.”  My thinking is, plan anyway…you can be joyful or miserable anywhere, and chances are the exploration of a place you want to see will bring more joy and get you out of your rut!

Since most of us have to pay for our travel, that is the place to start. What is your BUDGET? What can you truthfully afford?  If you want to go to some fantastic destination, plan it….and then start saving…it may take a year but you CAN get there with some foresight.

Get on the Trip Plan Questionnaire page of my website. Think through your options for lodging. Identify what kinds of activities you enjoy. Consider the way you prefer to eat when on vacation. Be realistic about the activity level you can actually do without risk of injury.

You are now ready to spend about 40 hours planning your trip. If that concept scares you, let me help you.This is playtime for me. I LOVE to plan trips.




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  1. I love planning…especially when it’s my holiday ;)!!! Thanks for the planning tips!

  2. I think I get twice as much fun as the rest of the family does for our vacation BECAUSE I get the joy of planning the trip!

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