La de dah-High Tea at Grays Court

After reading so many British novels where the characters enjoy tea, it was with great anticipation that we headed to Grays Court in York when our b&b host suggested a light meal.  We approached the mansion from the rear, having climbed to the top of the wall surrounding the old city. 
 Grays Court, a Class I historic home that was the residence of the treasurer of York Minster (York Minster is one of Great Britain’s huge cathedrals) from the 11th century until the 1600s and then owned by nobility when Henry the VIII shifted the power of the church during his reign.

 The gardens were gorgeous and we could have eaten outside but we chose to go inside and ate instead in a window nook area that had lots of cushions.
We ordered 3 different teas and each pot was for one person, but realistically we could have shared one pot. As the day was still very warm, we also ordered a large bottle of sparkling water and, of course, some decadent “puddings” as the Brits call desserts.
I had a lavender shortbread tower and I believe I will be able to replicate this at home.
 Sam had a lemon cream cake which was delightful
and Graham enjoyed a fruitcake with currants and cheese.

We tried to behave our best; some were goofy and some were stuffy…guess who was which.
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  1. I Love High Tea, looks delicious 🙂

  2. I had had a cream tea in Cornwall years ago but this was a whole different experience!

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