Where should we go this summer?

In the past, by the end of February I usually have had my summer vacations already planned. The fun part is in the discussion and then the nitty gritty research to find THE magical place for this or that.

In a few weeks I will take my son and his two buddies on an 8-day college road trip and I could say that they was what was filling my mind right now.  But it wouldn’t be the whole truth……I still have itches to go other places.

On the other hand I am trying to be practical, as next summer we expect to be making a move to Oregon….so thinking we need to set aside the money typically used for a nice vacation for the house painting, minor repairs….all those things that you hope will make a potential buyer sigh in pleasure when they enter your house for sale.  (Note to self—can I afford a cleaning lady while it is on the market?)

So, I suspect we will be making a short trip, as I suggested you could consider if your budget it tight.

Hmmmmmm…….may be the last time to do something in the East or Midwest for a while.  And Graham may be teaching a class in Chicago in early August………Okay! That gave me some good ideas! Stay tuned…..

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