The News–as they tell us about it

When Ted Turner came up with the concept of a 24-hour news station we all were incredulous…how can anyone be that needful. But he ignored the naysayers and CNN-Cable News Network-was born and it is now the most watched news channel in the world. Headquarters is in Atlanta and I enjoyed the tour, although I knew there was so much more they were not telling us. The information given, whether it is a tour or the news program itself,  is still a selective process.

The tour begins with a ride up a massive elevator, touted as the longest freestanding elevator in the Western Hemisphere. And then, accompanied all the time by security people, we walked down flights of stairs, stopping at several locations to hear a very informative and interesting explanation of how the CNN programming works.

From demonstration on how green screen technology works (Including Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility…you mean it is not magic???) to seeing the newsroom, not quite crazy busy on a quiet Sunday

to walking past the affiliated Spanish language station and hearing explanation of how the offices in Washington, DC and New York are supplemented by several other stations in other nations, each with their own independent programming geared for their audience.

Seeing what a satellite hookup looks like for transmission of news from places where modern and working plug-in communication is lacking helped me to appreciate all the effort made by men and women in the field.

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  1. Malou says:

    Wow, I’d love to have that tour of the CNN studio too! I’ve always been so curious of the going ons inside the news studio.

  2. CNN International is located in the UK…so a little digging would indicate where and if they have tours.

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