Olympic memories

I was living in Nashville when I heard that Atlanta was going to be hosting the Olympics and I hoped to be able to attend.  But the ticket prices were out of reach to my budget at that time and I watched, glued to my tv, as I had before and since.

Now, watching my son Sam strive for better and better performance in his running, I can even more appreciate the efforts made by the athletes who qualify to participate. I still feel that a showing less than a win is still a position that can provide proud stories for years, and no athlete that comes away from an Olympics experience should ever feel bad about such a result.

Last Sunday morning in Atlanta was a rainy day and my morning exploration by foot took me to Centennial Park, the location of several Olympic ceremonies. 
Sam and I studied this photo for a while before we realized that it depicts a history of athletic performance by runners. The first guy on the left is naked, as all athletes were for the early Greek games. The middle guy is dressed in athletic attire of an earlier time and the woman on the right represents the modern athlete.

The walkways in the park are stamped with additional symbols of athletic participation.

Atlanta has a very nice program with a team of wandering “Ambassadors”, people who are assigned a beat in the downtown area and help with directions and other information.

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