Shhhhhhh……keep the secret

You know that suitcase of yours that never showed up when you finally got there? You watched the luggage carousel go round and round and the pink suitcase with green dots that was left was not yours? Well, I know where it is.

Unclaimed Baggage located in the tiny town of Scottsboro, Alabama was the brainchild of Doyle Owens who purchased his first “lost” luggage from Trailways in 1970. He knew it was a good idea and quit his job. Landing his first airline contract in 1974 with Eastern Airlines, the store started receiving more unusual items.

I heard about Unclaimed Baggage when I lived in Nashville in the mid 1970s and the first couple of visits were amazing shopping sprees.Visiting the store once again when we returned to Middle Tennessee in 1994, we found a more sophisticated shop, better organized but amazing bargains were still very much findable.

I moved away from Nashville 5 years ago and this last week’s drive from Atlanta gave me another chance to check it out! Unclaimed Baggage has come of age, with a new logo and a cleaner, better organized feeling in the store. And bargains STILL exist.

What’s here? Well, think about what YOU pack in your travel bags…no, they don’t sell THAT! Okay, think about a more innocent time….yes, THAT is what they sell….clothes, shoes, books, cameras, purses, CDs, sports equipment, musical instruments, jewelry, umbrellas and more and more and more.

Anything and everything……think of a cross between a yard sale and Walmart.

~~~~~~~~I suppose there are two kinds of items that bother me…… how could someone who needed one of these FORGET IT????

And finally…..I sure hope the luggage got lost on the way home from the destination wedding, not on the way there…..

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4 Responses to Shhhhhhh……keep the secret

  1. Steve says:

    So is there an online site since travel on our income is all but impossible most of the time, and unless it is to visit relatives where I dont have to pay lodging and meals, unaffordable and an unjustifyable expense! Speaking of affordable make me wonder if a virtual vacation site should be in the making. You know a site you pay a small fee to gain access to a custom made slide show and thus a Virtual Vacation. A person would have to give the round trip information, or just a trip to somewhere and pay a set fee. Then the researcher would put together a slide show with photos (obtained from the internet of course) and send an access code to the buyer! What do you think? Very affordable lol and you dont have to leave the comforts of home!

  2. I well remember how at one point in our life our time off from work seemed always to be tied to visiting family. It WILL get better. I started using my income tax refund check for that summer’s travel. Yes, it could have been used to pay off bills, but how else was I going to get the funds to travel without making more bills? So we managed. Start small. Plan to take time away from the family and act like a tourist in that place. Go do something you have never made time to do before that feeds a hobby. As for the virtual vacation…you can get slide shows on any number of websites. I want the real deal.

  3. HI Customtripplanning, looking at the photos in your post made me want to shred a tear. I am in total agreement with you “how could someone who needed one of these FORGET IT?”. I blame it on the airlines and a bit on some of the passengers. Airlines are not persistent in looking for one luggage if the passenger is not. We have to be like persistent blood hounds and call back and forth the airline until they find our baggage. When people just call once and wait on the airline many times they get later an answer that they looked and they can’t find the person luggage or suitcase. It has been misplace someone and a awful voucher, discount of using the airline again, or just an apology. That just totally piss me off!

  4. There have been times when I traveled with someone who needed assistance, set it up with plenty of advanced notice and it did not happen…ended up missing a connection etc etc moan moan bitch bitch. But I also have to remember all the many many more times that I do successfully get to where I needed with all my items, so usually air travel works fine. So yes, those times there are difficulties it is really up to the individual to press their case. I always put my name and contact information inside my suitcase as well as on the hang tag.

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