Varsity Dog

Nope, altho the Georgia Bulldogs may disagree, THESE Varsity dogs are about the largest fast food restaurant in the United States. Located in downtown Atlanta, the Varsity is located on two acres, has parking for 600 cars and seating for 800 people. There is also a drive-in although the servers no longer wear roller skates.

This is NOT fine dining. It is greasy hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, onion rings and only a few items more. But it works, The place was mobbed when I got there at 1:30 but I easily found a parking spot and a place to sit to eat.

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5 Responses to Varsity Dog

  1. Susey Garvin says:

    It’s a fun place. Been there twice but a long time ago!

  2. Whatayahave? Whatayahave? Whatayahave? LOVE the Varsity although I only eat there once a year. It’s definitely an Atlanta landmark. 🙂

  3. The energy level was very high in there…it reminded me of a place in New York City called Katz’s. The hotdogs were ok……we hasve a place in West Virginia called Hillbilly Hotdogs! You shoudl see those combinations! LOL

  4. LOL! It’s amazing what Americans can come up with to put on hot dogs isn’t it?

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