New market in the city

My husband’s national professional organization is in Atlanta this year and I drove down to spend the weekend with him. What that REALLY means is that I explore while he is in his sessions and I get back by 5pm so we can go out to eat dinner with collegues.

Today was a very full day for me. I started out by visiting a new urban market, the Boxcar Grocer, that opened about 3 months ago in an inner city neighborhood that is beginning to undergo revitalization as an artist area. Recognizing that the local grocery store had closed, the brother and sister team pooled their skills (his in retail and hers in design) to provide a market with fresh local foods as well as healthy and organic foods.

Coolers line two walls and shelves are centered.

There is a small cafe with drinks and baked goods that soon will offer sandwiches. Tables provide a place to sit and relax. Another section of the shop has space for kitchen bakers and food producers to sell their products. The fresh produce looked very good. I was urged to go check out one of their suppliers, Truly Living Well, so I went there next. Blog about it to follow.

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