How To: Remember to Plan Wisely and keep your sense of humor


I think almost all of us have had this experience. Even if you don’t have kids, you can easily admit that these are your own voices. Long car trips can be difficult.

When I plan a trip I try to limit the time in the car to 4 hours as we move from one night’s lodging location to the next.  A shorter drive leaves time to explore along the way, stop to take photos, basically ENJOY THE JOURNEY!!!!

One year when I was a kid one of our neighbors drove from New Jersey to California to spend three days at DisneyLand.  The parents drove nonstop to make this happen. The kids raved about their time at DisneyWorld and we were a bit jealous (no, make that VERY jealous) but we did not envy them 3 days in the car each way.  

Remember, your journey is not just about the destination!!!

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