(For us, not so) High Value Travel: Birding in Scotland

Okay, I admit it. I made a mistake, but I need to qualify that statement. The information was perhaps the reason. Or I didn’t read it carefully enough. But the day was not a loss, really. We learned a lot.

In the summer of 2009 our family Graham had the opportunity to present a paper at an international conference in Nottingham, England, so we planned our trip to visit my friend Carol in Croatia with a week before and a week after in Great Britain.  Graham asked if we could go see “his” castle, located on one of Scotland’s Inner Hebrides, the Isle of Mull. Graham belongs to the MacLean of Duart clan whose chieftain still resides in the renovated Castle Duart. 

A short ferry ride from Oban, the Isle of Mull is one of the most diverse wildlife destinations in the world. Reading through the activities we could plan it seemed that a trip with David Woodhouse of The Isle of Mull Wildlife Expeditions would maximize our chances of seeing golden eagles, otters, white tailed sea eagles, porpoise, hen harriers and a whole host of fascinating Hebridean wildlife.  I imagined a cozy drive along the coast, ala California Highway 101, pausing periodically to take snapshots of basking sea lions.

I was wrong…yes, even the custom trip planner par excellence was wrong. It was NOT the excursion for us. But now, because of this experience I can wholeheartedly endorse David Woodhouse to any birder who wants a great trip!

All but one other person on the tour were avid birders with the patience and the equipment to stand and stare at a (wonderful, I’m sure) bird a mile across the valley.

   Graham even looked for a while. I took photos


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~and Sam…..did what teenagers do when they are bored.  


The guys forgave me…..we actually learned a lot and saw some beautiful scenery. And it was a nice day without rain, so it really was great that we were outside to enjoy it!

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